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Aegetec specialized in industrial liquid and gas filtration together with the drying and pre- or post-cooling of those media, but also in the study of solutions, construction and installation of gas generators (N2 – H2 – O2). We are there fore convinced that our knowledge and experience in a the wide range of problems , might assist you in finding the right solution(s). The more complex the problem, the more we are interested. Challenges where we can look after the best solution(s), several solutions are often a reality, in an objective way. If it appears that a solution is not immediately available, we develop together with you the solution under the possibility of a NDA .
Aegetec's Flow Chart


We offer Turn-Key solutions and full service:

• Monitoring
• Problem analyses
• Solution
• Installation
• Start-up
• Training
• Periodic checks ( interval monitoring)
• Maintenance.


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