Industrial Gas Generators (Nitrogen Gas Applications)

    • Chemical Blanketing
    • Oil & Gas applications – Purging – Blanketing – Gas Sealing
      • Upstream Offshore
        • Fixed Platforms
        • FPSO’s (Floating Production Storage and Offloading vessels
      • Upstream Onshore
        • Drilling rigs
        • Production rigs
      • Midstream
        • Pipelines
        • Carriers
        • LNG vessels
        • LNG or Petro Chemical Terminals
      • Downstream
        • Refineries
        • Petro(-chemical) Plants
    • Fire Prevention by Reduced Oxygen Atmosphere (LOX – Low Oxygen Atmosphere)
      • High Bay cold store /ULO Cells
      • Tele Communication Rooms
      • IT – Server rooms
      • Electrical Cabinets – Rooms
      • Dust Explosions Prevention in closed conveyer systems / silos
      • Archives
      • Museums
    • Mine Inertisation (inerting mine goafs to prevent (e.g. Methane explosions)
    • Controlled Atmosphere Storage (of apples, potatoes, onions flowers … or insects/bug /reptiles/rodents control (extermination)
    • Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)
    • Truck Ty(i)re inflation OTR Ty(i)res
    • Hypoxic Application – Sport & Wellness, Altitude training, O2 Enriched Air applications

Industrial Oxygen & Hydrogen Gas Generators

Lab Gas Generators

    • Hydrogen (H2) >99.999%+
    • UHP Nitrogen >99.999%+ (N2)
    • Nitrogen >95 to 99.99%
    • Zero Nitrogen (Hydrocarbon free N2)
    • Zero Air (Hydrocarbon free air)
    • CO2 free air
    • CO2 & Hydrocarbon free air
    • Clean Dry Air -> -40° C (pdp)
    • CO2/O2 & Nitrogen >99.5-99.9%

Gas / Liquid / Compressed Air Filtration + Compressed Air Compressor

Is an integrated and important part of gas generators systems because crucial to improve their functioning and their lifespan.

    • Compressed air
    • Natural Gas
    • Synthetic Natural
    • Liquid Natural Gas
    • Process Gas
    • Gas for Food Application (e.g. CO2 purifying)
    • Sample Filtration
    • Bio Gas
    • Liquid Filtration (continuous or discontinuous)
    • Hydraulic
    • Fuel

Gas/Liquid Treatment

    • Drying
      • Fridge Dryers
      • Adsorption Dryer Cold or Heat Generated
      • Membrane Drying
    • Cooling
    • Chilling

Conditioning & Monitoring (CONMON) of Hydraulics /Fuels

The conditioning and quality assurance of hydraulic oils and fuels (diesel, kerosene, etc …). is an essential part of an installation in order to guarantee and prolong its lifespan.Conditioning of hydraulic filtration implies not only filtration but also cooling of it. Again, we can offer customized solutions based on state-of-the-art technology to ensure that not only that the longevity of your hydraulic system(s) will be guaranteed but also significantly can be extended.

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